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FRC Action PAC is strategically used to support pro-family candidates and pro-family issues in elections around the country. It was established as an extension of Family Research Council Action’s efforts to bring to public office men and women who will protect, defend, and promote the sanctity of life, natural marriage, strong families, and religious freedom. It is funded by FRC Action members.

PAC funds can be given directly to candidates or used to run issue ads prior to elections.

The FRC Action PAC gives our members the ability to support deserving, pro-family statesmen. It also allows our supporters to counter the numerous special interest groups on the Left that have long used PAC money to run negative ad campaigns and to discourage conservative men and women from running for office.

The PAC has entered races to elect such leaders across the country, and this costs money. We ask for your donation to help FRC Action PAC back candidates who will defend our families, our faith, and our freedoms!

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FRC Action PAC endorses Carrie Isaac for Texas House of Representatives District 73

November 4, 2022: Washington, D.C. - FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family Research Council Action, is endorsing Carrie Isaac for Texas House of Representatives District 73. FRCA PAC issued the following statement: ... (more)

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